Finally! An Easy Way to Launch
a Private Label Product on Amazon!

book-picIt really can be amazingly simple to launch your own brand on the world's largest online selling platform!

Selling your own Private Label (PL) product on Amazon or online anywhere is a very hot topic right now. Some systems and courses over complicate the basics however.

Disappointingly, there are numerous complications to Private Labeling...

IF you listen to the way it's being taught by many "experts."

These experts go on and on about international sourcing, finding cooperative, eligible suppliers and manufacturers, all the shipping issues and packaging issues, branding, research etc.

It's no wonder some people are charging thousands for courses that try to turn newbies into master import/export mavericks in 50 lessons.

I have good news - It doesn't have to be that complicated if you have a SIMPLE plan!

Private Label The Easy Way is a primer on how to start your own private label product line. It will help you avoid common pitfalls, as well as wasted time and money on easily preventable mistakes.

In Private Label The Easy Way Ryan will show you:

  • The formula he used to create his 1st private label product that now profits at least $3000 per month
  • Why Ryan loves the Private Label business model
  • His Easy Way Method for launching a private label product
  • How to choose a private label product so that your chances of success are increased
  • How to find and contact potential suppliers
  • Where to go to get your logo and packaging designed
  • How to Create a Killer Product listing that sells
  • How to get your first sales and reviews
  • How to hire a virtual assistant to build your private label empire
  • And much more!

From Jim's Foreword

cockrum-03I've known Ryan and his wife Melane for several years. We've become good friends and trusted business partners in that time. I've learned much from each of them and am honored to have earned their respect as well. The Regers have been soaking up creative strategies for success on Amazon & eBay for a long time - and they seem to put the best ideas to work quickly and then openly share what they've learned with others. They are truly giving people.

In this book they reveal a simple private label success formula that I think will really impress you if you take the time to follow their lead. Their strategy takes much of the "hard work" out of the process of getting your own uniquely branded product on Amazon, eBay or your own site.

The simple lessons you are about to learn about private label product creation will make you wonder why you've never thought of it yourself. I hope you'll take these lessons to heart and put them to work so you can see how powerful these ideas are.

I spend a good portion of my time and energy looking for the "best of the best" ideas and content to share with my audience. I'm thrilled to say that the ideas you are about to read next clearly hit the mark!

To your success-
Jim Cockrum

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